Imogen Roy

Hi, I’m Imogen.

As a Strategy Coach, I help ambitious people and brands get where they want to be faster and with less stress. I work with mission-driven entrepreneurs, independent consultants and expert-influencers in the Services industry. 

Strategy is about having a clear sense of priorities and direction – knowing what you will and won’t do in order to achieve a desired result. My combined approach of coaching & consulting - Strategy Coaching – is designed to give you confidence and clarity on how to take your business to the next level, along with support and accountability during implementation.

I offer brand strategy consulting as well as 1:1 Coaching. 


One size doesn’t fit all

If you’ve ever asked “What works?” and been frustrated by hearing, “It depends…”– I get it.

But that’s because the best strategies are deeply personal. One size doesn’t fit all—what will work for you and your business is as individual as your fingerprint.

When your business strategy and marketing approach are built on a deep foundation of self-knowledge and personal values, everything changes.

The message is authentic. Your brand starts to attract. Everything gets easier.

My job is to navigate you through the process of building those foundations and implementing a highly personalised and effective strategy that gets the results you’ve been longing for.


Before we worked with Imogen there was no central and distinctive Missoma brand voice, which was confusing to the customer and did not give a clear picture of who Missoma is as a brand.

We are now more confident in who we are and how we engage with our customers. It was an absolute pleasure working with Imogen, she really became part of the Missoma family and helped guide us towards a clearer communication goal and approach.

My team really enjoyed working with her as she is very passionate about what she does and really embraces the brands she works with.
— Marisa Hordern, Founder At Missoma

Having a clear strategy for your business and life is not an optional activity.

50% of businesses fail in the first 5 years and 66% within 10 years.

Since nearly half fail due to poor strategy and marketing, you need to take action to protect your business’ future.

My programmes are designed to build a strong foundation for a sustainable, thriving business.

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  • ...Have a solid plan for growing your company, based on real and relevant insights, not some Internet Guru’s promise.

  • … Know your ‘Zone of Genius’ as a founder so you can play to your strengths and hire for your weaknesses.

  • ...Have a clear and powerful brand message that acts as a magnet to attract customers effortlessly.


  • …Waste time, money and energy spinning your wheels on activities that won’t work for you.

  • ...Leave money on the table by confusing potential customers and advocates.

  • …Spend your life as a business owner in a near-constant state of stress, overwhelm and burnout.

Imogen held a Brand Vision workshop for us and gave us recommendations for the way forward - which we will be adopting almost all of. But in some ways of as much value was that Imogen projected enthusiasm, intelligence, confidence and care that boosted us all and has left us excited rather than apprehensive at the thought of shaking up our idea of Marketing.

We have a path now, plenty of new ideas and lots to do!
— Julian Stark, Director at Kenneth Macleod Travel